Landscaping is a significant aspect of any building. A well-structured landscape does not only enhance the appearance of your property, but it also increases its value. This is extremely important if you want your property to dazzle in aesthetic elegance and radiate beauty in the eyes of anyone that steps a foot into it. But without adequate landscaping lighting, everyone tends to get the full effect and view of your landscape only during daylight hours. Hence, once the sun goes down and darkness sets in, all appealing attributes of the property will disappear into thin air, and the home or office building will look like just any other.

The best way to retain the architectural features of your home or commercial building at night is by fixing LED lighting on your landscape. When it’s done the right way, landscape lighting can brighten your driveway, highlight your beautiful garden, light your walkway and entrance at night. There are various options of landscape lighting to choose from depending on your landscape type, and you may need more than one. Modern Form Lights has a selection and pricing that makes sense, not to mention if you call 877-548-3149 our professional staff will point you in the right direction on our website, share fresh new ideas and help you to build out a lighting design to fit your budget and still make your home or office look incredible.

Garden lights

These are light fixtures that are decorated with canopies, and it helps to reflect shades of light on the plant beds. It is specifically designed for outdoor purposes and can also be used as pathway makers.


The bullet LED light releases light in a narrow and compact beam. It’s used for specific areas where you want the light to highlight a focal point. It can create a beautiful wall grazing effect when it’s fixed a few distances away. It reflects light from bottom to top, thereby creating a dynamic look.


Floodlight has a wider beam angle than the bullet. This type of landscaping light can be used to light up tall trees or other fixtures in the landscape.

Security lights

These are lighting that can be switched on from dusk to dawn. They are mostly installed in the home for security reasons. Most people add a sensor to such lighting to alert them whenever someone tries to access their property. They are best for entrance doors, parking lot, yard, walkway, fences as well as other sensitive parts of a building.

You can shop for the perfect mix of these powerful LED landscaping light from us at We offer great lighting options that will not just light up your landscape but help to beautify your yard in a cost-efficient way. Modern Forms Lights, lighting Southern California’s path to beauty, security and cost-effective solutions. Call today 877-548-3149

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