Bath Vanities

Bath Vanities

  • $189.50$229.50

    Clean minimalism with Euro styling and advanced technology. Straight lines and homogenous surfaces are tailored with German precision and incorporated seamlessly with the latest in LED thinking. Flattering illumination from full spectrum LEDs. Horizontal and vertical confi gurations for a wide variety of settings.

  • $149.50$249.50

    Cloud combines a distinguished contemporary rectilinear profile with exaggerated proportions and concealed hardware. Designed to complement a diverse range of architectural interiors while delivering high quality functional illumination for upscale spaces.

  • $164.50$274.50

    An elegant LED bath light design, mouth blown opal glass shades accented with art glass, hand formed with 13th century craftsmanship. Quality illumination from the most advanced lighting technology engineered for color distribution, superior brightness, and dimming control.

  • $249.50$324.50

    The brilliance of frozen ice. LEDs sparkle and shimmer mesmerizingly through weighty blocks of Piastra glass. One, two, three and four light configurations are offered for luxury baths and powder rooms all available with the ultimate range of dimming controllability.

  • $79.50$124.50

    Understated simplicity and versatility to complement a broad range of interior schemes. Streamlined opal glass diff users and fashionable back plates epitomize a polished aesthetic and contemporary design for baths and hallways.

  • $199.50

    Margin LED 26 inch Satin Nickel Vanity Light Wall Light in 26in.

    Crisp white ceramic glazed glass and delicate wire encased in glass are layered for depth of field and visual interest to mock an illusory two-dimensional design. Satin nickel to complement sophisticated nickel bath hardware while making a modern statement.

  • $79.50$114.50

    From transitional to contemporary, sleek slim Vogue vanity luminaires coordinate with popular bath hardware and metal finishes. Not just for the bath, the svelte form of the Mini Vogue LED Bath Bar can be employed in any interior environment. Slim Vogue is a seamless stretch of clear and white optical acrylic with hidden hardware, offering powerful lumen output and excellent color rendering.

  • $69.50$109.50

    On the cutting edge of technology and aesthetics, bath lighting can now be both refined and robust. A sleek look with durable and optically enhanced coextruded acrylic diffuser, this water-tight design is complete with state of the art LED. Adapts to any space with vertical or horizontal mounting.

  • $179.50$249.50

    Featuring stunning Piastra style glass, hand formed using techniques that date back to the 13th century. A clever indirect application of powerful LEDs in a linear format brings out sparkling highlights in the spaghetti glass texture while providing strong ambient illumination. Vetri’s curvilinear profile will turn any bath or hotel corridor into an eye-popping experience.