This is a great place to shop for any kind of lighting. The selection is great but, more importantly and what sets this shop apart, is that the people in the shop are great! They are always available to help and advise and they really know the products within the lighting industry. Sid and Tamarie focus on customer satisfaction in such a very professional way. They make you feel at home and like a member of the family. The buying experience is totally different than that of a big box store; it is such a friendly place to shop with great prices.
Dave Barakat

As builder of some of the most luxurious custom homes in the Palos Verdes area, The Estates at Trump National Golf Club has been using Lighting Zone for lighting for over two years. Lighting Zone has provided us with not only the finest and most elegant lighting from many high-end sources, but with personalized service and reasonable pricing as well. Mak Mashal, owner and licensed interior designer and certified lighting consultant, supplied lighting, decorator ideas, samples, expedient delivery and most importantly, gracious service. He worked closely with our West Coast Decor Coordinator, in an effort to afford us the most beautiful and cost-effective lighting on the market.
Melanie Ziegler, Development Office Manager
The Estates at
Trump National Golf Club

Hi Mak – thanks much for the great service. I’ll let you know when the lamps arrive and look forward to buying from you again.
Michael Rhoda
Denver, CO

Lighting Zone is one of those exceptional companies that I would go of my way to endorse. In my opinion, no one else in the lighting industry can begin to compare with the attentiveness to their client’s needs in a given project. Lighting Zone can meet any lighting situation or challenge with expert advice and responsive service. Ask any Lighting Zone customer, they will speak with admirable praise.
D. DeForest
Lighting Consultant

We had been looking for a matching pair of a large 55″ to 60″ wide chandelier and a smaller ceiling light for several months. We located several single items but not two matching types until we saw a set on Price to value ratios was very fair. One thing that set this vendor apart was that throughout our inquiries the customer support was excellent, including verification of styles, application accompanied by additional photos. Throughout the process we were made to feel very comfortable, they made the time to insure we were getting the correct style that matched the application. We received the large heavy chandelier and smaller lighting packaged with care from a freight company within a week and hung it all up that same evening. We are very happy with this vendor and would recommend them to anyone that is shopping quality at a fair price. We have several additional ceiling lamps and wall sconces to buy and will look to for our lighting purchases.
Joe Guido
Meridian, Idaho

Lighting Zone is GREAT! I hired Lighting Zone when my company (Yoshinoya) decided to cut back on our raw material. I searched high and low to find the most competitive price, after receiving 5/6 different quotes Lighting Zone was bar none the most inexpensive. We were able to get the same high end lighting fixture for $200.00 cheaper than the other companies. However, it’s actually not just about price…SERVICE is the largest part and how one treats their customers, and how do they respond to your emergency needs! Lighting Zone has gone above and beyond to serve Yoshinoya’s lighting needs….We had a couple of problems with the lighting manufacturer – they quoted a day that the lights would be ready because it is a custom fixture. In construction TIMING is everything and one item off target can ruin the whole project causing a domino effect…to make a long story short. The manufacturer told us the lights were going to be ready on a particular day….That day came and went but….No lights. I then called to find out when the light would be ready…they told us that it would be ready in two more weeks. Which was unacceptable for us consider the store should be opening in one week. Mak fight for us and some how go the manufacturer to give us the product that was already finished…Which saved the day and we were able to open our store on time! This is why Lighting Zone is so great and if your looking for a quality vendor to help you with your lighting needs Lighting Zone is the perfect choice…I’m a witness. We LOVE Lighting Zone at Yoshinoya!
Bertina Green

Thank you for your great customer service and care. Thank you for going above and beyond to help me. I highly recommend you!
Chris Donner
Akron, NY

Dream On is certainly an appropriate name. I’m dreaming that every vendor I work with could be as knowledgeable, courteous, professional and efficient as the staff at Modern Forms Lights. As a set decoration buyer for television and movies, my needs are varied and totally unreasonable. Somehow, salesman Mak Mashal always takes care of me. He understands my aesthetic and can always find me the perfect light fixture for my set, be it an upscale home, a hospital or a restaurant. Modern Forms Lights is a secret weapon in my decorating arsenal.
Mary Holyoke
Set Decoration Buyer
The Night Shift

One of my kids accidentally broke a light bulb cover for a custom fixture in our kitchen. Mak, not only replaced the item in a timely manner, but he also didn’t charge me for it. The Lighting Zone has a great selection of lights but it is their customer service that sets them apart.
Tony Gayton

Six years ago, my husband and I built a new family home in MB and Lighting Zone handled our original lighting order. Just recently, I contacted them to ask about replacing my son’s fan which had stopped working. I fully intended to pay for the replacement. They said, give us a few days to talk with the manufacturer. Within days, I was contacted and asked to stop by the store at my convenience to pick up our new fan. I was FLOORED!!! Who does that these days??? That is A+ customer service!! Others should take note!! From our prior experience with Lighting Zone, we were already recommending them but now we will be insisting to our friends and family that they exclusively use Lighting Zone not just for their great selection of lights but for how they take care of their customers even years later!! A big huge thank you from the St. Ivany Family!!!
St. Ivany, CA

LAtest NEws